School-University Partnership Initiative (SUPI)

KS3 Research Skills

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌On this page the university has put together a series of teaching resources for use with students undertaking research projects at KS3. These documents include guidance on how to choose a research question, effective note taking and accuracy and reliability.

These can be built into broader lesson plans or can be used as stand alone activities. The workshops on 'Do aliens exist?' and the life of Gandhi are designed to take about an hour and provide a focus around which students can think about research questions and techniques.

Research Skills Activities

Research Skills - Student Booklet

KS3 Research Skills

KS3 Research Skills - PPt

KS3 Research Skills Session Teaching Notes

Research Skills Workshop - Do Aliens Exist?

KS3 Teaching Notes - Do Aliens Exist?

Source A - Roswell UFO Incident

Source B - NBC News, Six Frontiers for Alien Life

Source C - Life on Mars

Source D - UFO Alert Photographic Evidence

Research Skills Workshop - Gandhi

KS3 Workshop Skills - Gandhi Resources