School-University Partnership Initiative (SUPI)

Learning to remember & remembering to learn: Memory enhancement sessions

My revision sessions, memory lectures and staff training are based on the same premise; information can be learnt more effectively if by following some simple steps. The sessions demonstrate memory techniques for students, showing them how to best use their time when revising. Revision sessions will be interactive; using clicker systems linked to a powerpoint presentation students will vote on their preferred revision method, the types of information they find easy/difficult to remember etc. Basic neuroanatomy will be discussed to reinforce how our memory systems work. Where possible, students will act out memory processes i.e. students holding hands to connections between neurons to create a memorable metaphor.

Specific revision techniques such as retrieval based Vs repeated reading of information will be explored. The benefits and limitations of both approaches will be explored and then pupils will experience the benefits via activities. Other tips including spaced learning, sleeping between learning sessions and mind maps will be discussed.

Students will be asked to create a poster on revision skills based on the session.

Learning objectives/session outcomes

For pupils to realise that they can use their brains in a more effective way when trying to remember information.

Intended age group/Key Stage

Any pupils approaching exams – in particular Years 10/11 or 12/13

Subject/Curriculum links

My revision sessions and memory techniques are relevant to all subject areas and have the potential to enhance learning across a broad range of subjects. My research is based in Psychology.


Can adapt the content for different age groups and abilities.


Jennifer McGahan, Research Assistant, School of Psychological Sciences. Email: